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As a transparent way to reward our Kickstarter supporters, we created the ABC digital token on the Ethereum platform. The Ethereum blockchain platform is facilitating AlphaBet with a way to automate rewards using smart contracts.

Through smart contracts, supporters can seamlessly exchange or donate their ABC tokens towards educational charities on our website, at alphabetboardgame.co.uk and receive rewards when others use their referral number to claim their first ABC tokens.

To claim ABC tokens, you will need an Ethereum digital wallet. Here is how you can create one Create Wallet

The Alpha Pack laid the very foundation of the AlphaBet board game, and it’s made up of:

The 3 AlphaBet Creators - those who took the idea of AlphaBet and shaped it into a reality.

The 9 Early Alpha Contributors - Friends and friends of friends who joined to make The AlphaBet board game available on Kickstarter.

The 81 AlphaBet Kickstarters - Those who give the pack the extra push to bring AlphaBet Kickstarter Edition to life.

9 Open Alpha Contributors - Those who’d like to take part in the growth of AlphaBet.

If you’d like to be an Open Alpha Contributor, get in touch with the Alpha pack at contact@alphabetboardgame.co.uk.

If the first stretch goal is reached, the Alphabet Kickstarter Edition will be available in March 2020, followed by the AlphaBet Collector’s edition in May 2020.

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